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Heavy Duty Connector part No. explanation
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Insert Series

Insert Series :   HE,HA,HEE,HD,HDD,HSB,HK,HQ

No.of Contact :  4~64

Contact Type :  M--male screw contacts;   F--female screw contacts;  MC--male crimp contacts; 

                         FC--female crimp contacts


Shell Type :  H3A,  H10A,  H16A,  H20A,  H6B,  H10B,  H16B,  H24B

In/Out Direction :  TE--U/Top cable entry,  SE--U/Side cable entry,  TEH--U/High top cable entry, 

                              SEH--U/High side cable entry

Locking Type : 2B--2 bolts, 4B--4 bolts, 1L--single locking lever, 2L--double  locking levers



Shell Type : H3A, H10A, H16A, H20A, H6B, H10B, H16B, H24B

Mounting Type : BK--bulkhead mounting, SF--bulkhead mounting, SFH--high bulkhead mounting

Locking Type : 2B--2 bolts, 4B--4 bolts, 1L--1 locking lever, 2L--2 locking levers

Locking Material : S--plastic levers, T--Metal levers

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