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MIL-C-5015 Series Connector

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MS ceramic sintering seal socket

Name:MS ceramic sintering socket


Part number:MS seal socket

specification:Shell 10SL-4 2pin



MS ceramic  sintering seal Socket     10SL-4P     2pin  male

Shell material: Stainless Steel

Insulation body: Ceramic sintering

Contacts : Copper alloy

Contacts Plating: Gold

Note:Choose shell size and contacts arrangement,please click here and check  5015 Technical Datapage.


Code:      3102 -- box mounting receptacle ;   3106 -- stralght plug ;    3108 -- 90 degree angled  plug

                3100 -- wall mounting receptacle ;   3101 -- cable connectiong receptacle ;

Glass:   A--solid shell for general,non-environmental applications

Shell Size:   10,12,14,16,18,20,22,24,28,32

Insert arrangement:   See the figure of insert arrangement

Contact :   P--pin contact ;    S--socket contact

Key :   N--normal way ;    X,W,Y,Z--alternative key