Series:US Army Mil-C-5015

    Mil-C-5015 series connectors conform to US military Mil-C-5015 standard (GJB600), with high strength Aluminum Alloy shell, Synthetic rubber insulator, threaded coupling, Alternate insert positioning, solder and crimping terminal, low cost, simple and practical design, widely used in industrial machinery and equipment, military , defense equipment, marine , automobile industry, instrument and servo motor etc. Our connectors can replace European and American similar products.

    Features: High quality,high withstanding voltage, high reliability;low cost;light weight, different size;solder and crimping type;good sealing performance, waterproof IP67;corrosion resistance; hard dielectric inserts;good electrical conductivity and mechanical strength.


MS3102 -- box mounting receptacle;

MS3106 -- stralght plug;

MS3108 -- 90 degree angled plug

MS3100 -- wall mounting receptacle;

MS3101 --cable connectiong receptacle ;

Glass:   A--solid shell for general,non-environmental applications

Shell Size:10,14,16,18,20,22,24,28,32.36

Insert arrangement:See the figure of insert arrangement

Contact: P--pin contact;   S--socket contact

Key:N--normal way;   X,W,Y,Z--alternative key

Time : 2019-08-29
Military Connector Part No. Explanation
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